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Your custom product-sourcing and factory-direct supplier

A.D.A.I. Promotions Inc. is a hybrid of custom product-sourcing and factory-direct supplier. We are a member of PPAI and ASI, which we serve marketing firms, specialty advertising agencies and promotional product distributors throughout U.S. and Canada. Our job is being the risk barrier between our clients and the oversea manufacturers. Not only can we assist you finding the most qualified manufactures that produced quality and cost-effective products, we also provide you tidbits of newly innovative product that could be the next big thing.

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Our Story

Sourcing a CUSTOM product is a laborious and complicated process. The current transparent digital world has allowed buyers to connect directly with thousands of manufacturers worldwide; yet, the time zone difference, language barrier, and cultural-based work practice variations have made product sourcing very difficult in an international stage. Not to mention, creating a custom product is already a complex task itself which requires design development, organised tooling or moulding, and pre-production sampling. This is where A.D.A.I. Promotions Inc. realizes its vision and, on a mission to solve all the potential problems that buyers may face when dealing with oversea manufacturers.