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Project Sourcing


At A.D.A.I. Promotions, we implement a strict sourcing policy, so you have full confidence in our products and services. This is what we do when sourcing a product:
  • Assess Customer NeedsTo begin, we identify your needs and construct a project guideline base on product requirements, possible alternatives and in-hand deadline.

    STEP 1: Client Consultation

  • Assess Manufacturer AvailabilityWe have established a massive manufacture network. All standard and customizable products are made by certified factories that we have been dealt long term.

    STEP 2: Manufacturer Availability

  • Collect Manufacturer Information and Define Winning CriteriaIf we have never done the particular product that you are looking for, we will search our manufacturer network and qualify manufacturers by the following criteria: 1. Business legitimacy, ie: cross check business registration and bank certificate, 2. Manufacturer certification, ie: ISO9001 or ISO14001, and 3. Product certification, ie: RoHS, CE, or previous product SGS report.

    STEP 3: Manufacturer Qualification

  • Pricing and SampleThe final step is to choose best offer among all qualified manufacturer. Sample request for in-hand inspection can be arranged with additional fee. (Sample fee is refundable when certain conditions are met. Contact us for further detail.)

    STEP 4: Manufacturer Selection

Third Party Factory Audit

By request and with additional fee, we can assist you to hire a 3rd party factory audit agency to conduct and produce a thorough factory audit report to ensure manufacturer’s qualification and competency.


At A.D.A.I. Promotions, we assist you from concept development to product delivery. Communication will be fluid at all time, and we work around the clock to provide you solutions.
1. Sample

After all order detail has been discussed with our dedicated project manager, in-hand inspection of a sample is highly encouraged. It allows you to gain first hand feedback regarding product quality and it is a great opportunity to take corrective action before production begins.

2. Production

Our manufacture partners are all tested and tried. You can rest assure when your order moves to production stage, only quality product will be made. By request, we can provide you updates with photo during production process.

3. Logistic

During initial consultation, our project manager will provide you the most cost-effective logistic solution to meet estimated deadline. For any reason that you need to push in-hand date ahead of schedule or change destination, we will find all possible alternatives to meet your request.

4. Timeline

All our products are made-to-order based; thus, production time may vary depends on order quantity. Our goal is simple: provide you highest quality product on time.